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Seafaring Nuke Plants Russian Style

Mobile Nuclear Plants  It's the world's first commercial, floating nuclear power plant.  21,500 metric ton Akademik Lomonosov is slowing making its way in a multi-stage trip across Russian waters.  It's controversial technological innovation to say the least. Some environmentalists call it the floating Chernobyl, Fukushima on ice and a nuclear nightmare. This is an important update on a blog we posted about a month ago.  The floating nuke is now at Murmansk where it's being loaded with nuclear fuel.  Next stage in the journey:  "sail" the Arctic Sea to Pevek sometime in 2019.  There, it will be moored and start providing electricity to Chukota and its 50,000 population.  That's its first mission. Mobile Nukes on Ice The rationale for the floating nuke is intriguing.  Mobile, transportable nuclear power plants that can get to remote areas of Russia's far east and north to service energy needs.  Its ocean going mobility enables it to get to locat