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Rockin Robot Bands

Rock On On his latest album, Italian electronic music producer Leonardo Barbadora is using an all-robot orchestra.  The robots are capable of playing more than 50 acoustic instruments on command.  The instruments include the piano, percussion, wind instruments and the organ.  Barbadora controls the robot musicians from his laptop.  It's robotic innovation on a high note. Perfect Tuning - Human Sound What's intriguing is that Barbadora is using the robot orchestra to achieve a more "human" sound.  They're playing real instruments and provide a much richer sound than you get from digitally synthesized instruments.  His robot album is called Saxrobot.  It won't be finished and published until 2019. Robots and the Sound of Opera In late June, a robot named YuMi conducted a full orchestra successfully and to rave reviews.  It happened in Italy, the homeland of  Vivaldi, Verdi, Puccini, Respighi and so many other musical greats.  The robot, created by