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Virgin Galactic Spaceship & Scientist Onboard

  Virgin Galactic's High Flying Scientific Experiments Source:  Virgin Galactic Research Scientist Kellie Gerardi Virgin Galactic, Sir Richard Branson's New Mexico-based space company, will fly scientific researcher Kellie Gerardi to space to test new health care technologies.  Gerardi is a researcher for the International Institute for Astronautical Sciences. She is an expert in bioastronautics. She will serve as payload specialist on a dedicated research flight.  She will perform experiments on wearable health monitoring sensor systems and syringe designs for use in space.  She will also experiment with free floating liquids.  Gerardi has conducted experiments onboard reduced gravity flights at lower altitudes in conjunction with the Canadian Space Agency. Successful Manned Space Flight Virgin Galactic successfully tested its mothership VMS Eve and the VMS Unity space plane with two pilots onboard in May 2021.  This successful manned space flight will be followed by more test