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Honda's New, Level 3 Self-Driving Car

  World's First Vehicle With New Level 3 Self-Driving                                                       Source:  Honda Honda's Legend Sedan Rolls Out in Japan Honda has made a big global automotive step in the autonomous driving direction.  In Japan, it has just rolled out a partially self-driving Legend sedan.  That makes Honda the world's first automaker to sell a vehicle equipped with new, certified level 3 autonomous driving technology.  The vehicle is available for lease in Japan.  The rollout is a very cautious one with a limited supply of 100 vehicles in Japan.  This is a powerful example of a concept, self-driving car being commercialized. Traffic Jam Pilot The new technology is highly advanced.  The car's "Traffic Jam Pilot" system controls acceleration, braking and steering under specific circumstances.  Its purpose is to avoid accidents caused by human error.   How The Tech Works When the system is activated, the driver can watch a movie or use