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  Lynk & Co.'s Next Day EV                                                  Source:  Lynk & Co. Style and Technology Sweden's Lynk and Co., noted for its luxurious, high technology cars, has created a spectacular looking, new electric car concept that it just unveiled in China. Called Next Day, it represents the future direction of design for Lynk which is currently selling a lineup of vehicles in Europe and Asia. Next Day has cutting edge technologies, awesome design and added touches of a supercar.  Lynk is owned by China-based Geely, which is the automotive technology powerhouse that also owns Volvo and Polestar.  The Next Day is Lynk's third concept car, after the 2016 CCC and the 2020 Zero. Lynk calls Next Day "a new energy, 4-door GT that's a large futuristic liftback". Tech Specs and Design It appears that Next Day may be offered as an all-electric and hybrid electric vehicle. With all electric architecture,   Next Day is designed for a solid 40


Daimler and Geely Source:  Daimler Global Tie-Ups To Create New EVs German luxury automaker Daimler and China's electric automaker Geely are exploring ways to deepen their cooperation in the research and development of electric vehicles.  The two companies have formed a China based venture to build electric Smart cars.  They've also joined forces to build a premium ride hailing venture.  And, among their projects, each has invested in Volocopter, a state of the art, electric multirotor helicopter/flying taxi service, based in Germany. Geely Operations and Expansions China-based Geely is a global automotive force.  It owns Volvo, Lotus and Terrafugia, the US based flying car company.  It also owns Lynk & Co. based in Sweden. Geely Chairman Li Shufu says he plans to roll out Lynk & Co. cars in Europe sometime in late 2020.  Lynk & Co. says it offers a new kind of mobility: simple pricing, flexible ownership and car sharing.  The vehicles are electric