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MG's New Hydrogen Car

New Energy Vehicles                                                  Source:  MG Euniq 7 SAIC, MG Motor & MG Motor India Collaboration Iconic British automaker MG, its Chinese owner SAIC and MG India are developing New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) including a new hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle called EUNIQ 7.  Here are the pertinent details: EUNIQ 7 is a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology that was just unveiled at Auto Expo in India It's powered by SAIC's unique PROME P390 3-G hydrogen power system that provides integrated design, high power density and can be used across a range of vehicles including cars, buses & trucks  EUNIQ 7 has a 92-kW battery system and a 6.4 kg (14.1 lb) hydrogen fuel cell tank Range on a charge of 605 km or 376 miles Advantages of hydrogen fuel:  pollution free, high efficiency, fast fill-ups, long range, longer battery life Disadvantage of hydrogen fuel:  lack of hydrogen fill-up station infrastructure system,