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Next-G Hypersonic Plane - Quarterhorse from USAF & Hermeus

  Goal:  Break the Airspeed Record                                                                         Source:  Hermeus Successor to the Famous SR-71 Blackbird The US Air Force and Atlanta-based aviation company Hermeus are developing a next generation hypersonic aircraft for both military and commercial use, that's designed to break the world airspeed record.  Here are the key facts: With a $60 million USAF contract, Hermeus is developing a Mach 5 plus hypersonic plane for both military and commercial passenger travel applications Hermeus is working on 3 concept hypersonic planes including Quarterhorse Quarterhouse is a remotely piloted high-speed aircraft designed to sprint short distances at Mach 4 & Mach 5 speeds with a turbojet/ramjet propulsion system Quarterhorse is powered by two breakthrough engines:  a turbojet engine that reaches Mach 3 (2,000 mph) and a ramjet engine that takes over and transitions to Mach 5 plus or 3,850 mph Quarterhorse's dual engine, hype

Important Innovations Collection: London to New York in 90 Minutes

The World's Fastest Plane Source: Hermeus Artist Rendering Hermeus - New US Concept that's VC Funded and Under Development This may be the flight of your dreams.  London to New York in 90 minutes instead of 7 hours plus.  This concept supersonic jet innovated by the US aerospace company Hermeus is now under development and funded by venture capitalists.  The future of flight is supersonic and this vehicle is designed to fly at Mach 5 or 3800 mph.  For more on this breaking news innovation, go to Important Innovations Collection: London to New York in 90 Minutes : World's Fastest Plane: New Hermeus Supersonic Aircraft Source:  Hermeus Artist Concept Money Secured by US Company to Develop the...

Around the World in a Few Hours at Mach 5

Reusable Space Plane on the Horizon Courtesy:  Reaction Engine Ltd, Oxfordshire, UK UK's Sabre Space Plane Engine Tech Flying Forward Travelling 3 and 5 times the speed of sound, Mach 3 and Mach 5.  UK engineers are developing the Sabre, air breathing rocket engine to do just that.  Sabre is designed to propel planes around the globe in just a few hours and take space planes into rapid orbit.  The unique propulsion system just passed a big milestone. Big Test To work at Mach speeds, the rocket engine has to endure extreme high temperature airflows.  Engineers at Reaction Engines LTD in the UK have designed a heat-exchanger to make that happen.  At the Colorado Air & Space Port in the US, it just successfully endured a major test.  In simulations it handled flying at 3 times + the speed of sound.  In less than 1/20 of a second, the heat exchanger handled and "quenched" a 420C onslaught of airflow. Big Backers More big tests are upcoming including enduring

2019 - Year of the Hypersonics

Cooling Hypersonic Vehicles Source:  DARPA Hypersonic Concept Vehicle DARPA's MACH Program The big challenge with hypersonic jets is to keep them cool as they reach a speed of Mach 5 and above.  The US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency - DARPA - has declared 2019 the year of hypersonics.  DARPA is pursuing new materials and designs for cooling the hot, leading edges of hypersonic vehicles as they accelerate to hypersonic speeds. New Architecture, Materials and Design for Heat Management The new program is called MACH - Materials, Architecture and Characterization for Hypersonics (MACH) program.  DARPA wants totally new, breakthrough technology, not evolutionary improvements on existing technology. Decades of Trying Effective cool down of the hypersonic vehicles at Mach 5 and above is the key factor between success and disaster.  The DARPA MACH programs kicks off in late January 2019.  According to DARPA Program Manager Bill Carter, scientists

Star Wars: USAF Jumpstarts Hypersonics

2 New Hypersonic Weapons Plans  Artist Concept of USAF Hypersonic Vehicle Star Wars As the photo shows, the USAF hypersonic system looks like Star Wars revisited. The US Airforce is jumpstarting 2, new hypersonic weapons programs.  A compelling reason: intense competitive pressure from Russia and China which have aggressive hypersonic programs of their own. Space Wars The USAF has awarded Lockheed Martin 2 contracts for hypersonic weapons in the past few months worth $1.4 billion.  The most recent, last week, is a $480 million contract to design the Air Launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW).  Some call it the most dangerous space weapon ever. Hyper-Speeds Hypersonic weapon systems travel far faster than the speed of sound.  They do Mach 5 plus or 3,806 mph.  And a key differentiator is that they're highly maneuverable.  Right now, the US has no defense system capable of taking them down because of their hyper speeds and maneuverability.  That's why this research is

Hypersonic Times - Boeing's Hypersonic Jet

Unveiling of World's 1st Hypersonic Passenger Jet Design Boeing's prototype rendering unveiled today is the world's first look at comercial hypersonic design and what the jet will look like.  The design enables the speed and the speed is awesome. Travel Times Boeing's hyper-speed passenger jet can fly from New York to London in 2 hours versus the current 7 hours.  Or how about LA to Japan in 3 hours, versus 11 hours.  The design plan is for the jet to fly at Mach 5 or 3800 miles per hour, much faster than its predecessor The Concorde at 1,354 mph. No Speed Competition With speeds of Mach 5, Boeing's hypersonic jet has no current competition.  The closest competitor is Aerion Corporation.  It's high speed passenger plane is expected to reach 1.5 Mach.  But, there are many global players working on their design concepts and looking to win the hypersonic flight race. Hypersonic To-Do List Much work need to be done before the high-speed passenger jet ta