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Extraordinary New Concept Car From Italy

  Italy's Pininfarina Design House's Teorema Concept Car                                           Source: Pininfarina's Teorema Is This The Future of Autonomous Driving? T he Italian design house Pininfarina is known for producing some of the world's most futuristic and radical concept cars and production cars.  They have just unveiled a truly revolutionary concept - the Teorema.  It showcases radical design and highly advanced engineering that is part of the future of driving. This vehicle was designed using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies.  And, the electric vehicle is fully autonomous without any steering wheel and seats 5 passengers. AR &VR Designed Using highly advanced AR & VR technologies, Pininfarina has created a unique, very sleek and futuristic design with the window line tapering down along the sides of the car.   The design is so radical that from some angles the vehicle doesn't look like a car.  The shape is cylind

Amazon's 10,000 EVs for India Deliveries - E-Rickshaws

  Amazon's New Electric Mobility in India                                             Source:  Amazon Treo Zor 3-Wheeled Delivery Vehicles Amazon has big plans for building an e-commerce mega-business in India.  It plans to have 10,000 electric delivery vehicles - electric, 3 wheeled "rickshaws" - deployed to do business in India by 2025.  Amazon took a big step toward that goal yesterday when it signed a partnership agreement with Mahindra, which is India's e-mobility giant.  The vehicle that Amazon is deploying is called the Treo Zor. Amazon's Big Bet The Treo Zor is a three-wheeled electric delivery vehicle capable of carrying 1200 pounds.  Amazon already has 100 of the vehicles operational in cities like New Delhi.  Amazon is placing a big bet on doing big e-commerce business in India and it is underscored by Amazon making this investment.   Government of India's Commitment to EVs The Indian government has an aggressive,  five year plan in place that promo