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America's 1st All-Electric Van

  Winnebago Is Going Electric                                              Source:  Winnebago New All-Electric Camper eRV2 Minnesota-based Winnebago's new all-electric RV concept, eRV2, can stay off-grid for a week and has a range of 108 miles of driving on a charge.  Here are the pertinent facts: Winnebago says the eRV2 is America's 1st all-electric, zero emissions motorhome prototype All-electric EV can stay keep the power on, off-grid, for a week and drive nearly 110 miles via 900 watts of solar energy from solar panels on the vehicle's roof and a proprietary 48-volt, 15,000-watt-hour lithium battery Production version will have longer range on a charge Rechargeable up to 80% in 45 minutes Concept's chassis is based on the Ford e-Transit eRV2 is a smart vehicle with features like the interior temperature controlled by the Winnebago app It is equipped with a WiFi router Serves as a tiny e-home on wheels with a kitchenette, shower, living space/lounge, bed and more Int

Hot, New UTV for Off Trailing from Polaris

  Go Anywhere, 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle                                                                                 Source:  Polaris Electric, Quiet, Off-Roader If you want to do some fun off-roading that doesn't destroy the peace and quiet of nature, take a look at the all-electric, 4-wheel drive UTV, the Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic.  Polaris is a nearly $10 billion off-roading and snowmobile company based in Medina, Minnesota. Their new XP Kinetic is getting a lot of buzz as a Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV).  The company says this vehicle can go virtually anywhere.  It's been specifically engineered for electrification with a battery and electric motor replacing the fuel tank and gas-powered engine of previous versions of the UTV.  The vehicle has no grill because it has no radiator. In the front there are LED lights between the headlights.  The lightbar doubles up as a gauge to let you know the amount of charge the car has taken and how much more it needs to top-off. Tech Spec