America's 1st All-Electric Van

 Winnebago Is Going Electric

Source:  Winnebago

New All-Electric Camper eRV2

Minnesota-based Winnebago's new all-electric RV concept, eRV2, can stay off-grid for a week and has a range of 108 miles of driving on a charge.  Here are the pertinent facts:

  • Winnebago says the eRV2 is America's 1st all-electric, zero emissions motorhome prototype
  • All-electric EV can stay keep the power on, off-grid, for a week and drive nearly 110 miles via 900 watts of solar energy from solar panels on the vehicle's roof and a proprietary 48-volt, 15,000-watt-hour lithium battery
  • Production version will have longer range on a charge
  • Rechargeable up to 80% in 45 minutes
  • Concept's chassis is based on the Ford e-Transit
  • eRV2 is a smart vehicle with features like the interior temperature controlled by the Winnebago app
  • It is equipped with a WiFi router
  • Serves as a tiny e-home on wheels with a kitchenette, shower, living space/lounge, bed and more
  • Interior amenities are powered by an additional secondary, 15 kWh battery and the solar roof panels
  • Much of the vehicle's interior is made of recycled materials
  • Interior inspired by "Japandi", which is Japanese & Scandinavian minimalist design and functional space
  • Vehicle is currently being road-tested and will go into production with no price disclosed yet.

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