Ram E-Pickup Concept Wows at CES 2023

 Revolution 1500 Pickup is Revolutionary

                               Source: Ram Revolution 1500

Debuts at CES 2023 Showcasing Unique Technologies 

Interested in a pickup truck that can "Shadow Mode" and follow you when you're on foot and perhaps out looking for a lost dog?  How about an electric pickup with Level 3 autonomous driving?  These are some of the functionalities that the Ram Revolution 1500 delivers.  It was just unveiled at the global technology show CES 2023 with a great deal of interest.  Sounds like a concept from Stellantis' Ram brand that has a lot of potential in the electric truck market.  It is designed to directly compete against Ford 150-Lighting, Rivian and Tesla's Cybertruck.

Tech Performance Expectations

This is a concept and details are sketchy.  But here's what we know:

  • There are 2 electric motors on the front and rear axles for 4-wheel drive
  • It's expected to deliver at least 563 hp, 775 ft-lbs of torque and the capacity to tow 10,000 pounds
  • Range on a charge of 250 to 300 miles
  • Very large cabin with two rows of seats and another row of seats in the bed of the truck
  • Big 24" wheels in 36" tires
  • 28" dual display screens with bottom screen detachable as a tablet
  • Shadow mode that allows the truck to follow the driver while on foot
  • Level 3 autonomous driving.
Next Steps

The Ram Brand and new concept Revolution 1500 are getting a great deal of interest from automotive experts. Revolution 1500 appears to be a great candidate for Ram to put into commercial production. For more news stories like this, Latest Innovations for Tomorrow


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