Chrysler Concept: InsideAutonomous Car -

 CES 2023 Chrysler AI Cockpit Concept

                                    Source:  Stellantis Chrysler

"Harmony in Motion"

Chrysler, a division of Stellantis, unveiled at CES 2023 a cutting-edge, AI enabled car interior concept that functions like an autonomous AI Assistant and is called "Harmony In Motion".  

Key Components

Here are some key attributes of this spectacular vision of the future of autonomous driving: 

  • The autonomous vehicle combines Stellantis' top new technologies:  STLA AutoDrive, STLA Brain and STLA Smart Cockpit to create "Harmony in Motion".
  • STLA AutoDrive provides autonomous Level 3, which enables the "driver" to multitask, go on conference calls and more
  • STLA Brain is the electrical infrastructure that powers the infotainment system and the rest of the EV surrounding the interior
  • STLA Smart Cockpit is the focal point of new technologies.  The car's dashboard is the Smart focus with "new and innovative features" that evolve with over-the-air updates
  • The Cockpit, as the user interface, has a 37.2" dual tier glass panel and screen. There is no traditional steering wheel and driving hardware
  • The Cockpit is loaded with AI.  It learns the driver's habits and adapts to changes in them 
  • The Cockpit serves as an AI Assistant.  It uses biometrics to identify and then greet the driver, provides maps for planned trips and even deploys Smart Home functionality when the driver returns home.  It offers synchronized home, work and personal device functionality.
  • The AI Assistant offers a number of modalities including Chill, Zen and Fun that enable passengers to relax with gaming, meditation and more during the journey.

Future Deployment

Chrysler will be the first Stellantis brand to deploy these new technologies in North America as Stellantis becomes an all-EV lineup by 2028.  


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