Jetoptera Reinvents Flying- No Blades

 Unique Bladeless Propulsion System

                           Source:  Jetoptera Concept Aircraft

Very Fast, Efficient & Quiet Aircraft

Seattle-based aerial mobility company Jetoptera is developing a concept VTOL with bladeless propulsion capable of nearly Mach 1 speeds.  Here are the pertinent facts:

  • Jetoptera is a High Speed Vertical Takeoff and Landing Vehicle (HSVTOL) designed for speeds up to 0.8 Mach or 614 mph
  • That speed is faster than a commercial jet and twice as fast as tiltrotor designs
  • Powered by a highly innovative, bladeless propulsion system
  • Proprietary Fluidic Propulsion System enables the aircraft to vertically take off and land and to accelerate to jet aircraft speeds when in forward flight
  • System combines gas or electric turbine engines and fluidic thrust augmentation that distribute thrust across the aircraft through all phases of the flight & requires a flow of compressed air to function
  • Vehicle has no rotors and no propellers
  • Benefits include using 50% less fuel and providing 10% more thrust than a turbojet; low noise; "benign exhaust temperature"; 30% lighter in weight & mechanically simpler than turbojets & turbo props
  • Jetoptera just was awarded its 4th USAF contract to develop the aircraft design for validation by the end of 2023
  • Jetoptera has more than 50 patents & 100 more pending.
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