Toyota & Hydrogen Cars

 Classic Toyota Sports Cars Fueled With Hydrogen

                                        Source:  Toyota

Hydrogen Powered Combustion Engines

Toyota is leading the way among global automakers in the experimental use of hydrogen to fuel even combustion engines in several of its classic cars.  Here are the pertinent facts:

  • Two, iconic 1980's Corolla Sport AE86's combustion engines have been converted to run on electricity and hydrogen in a classic restomod
  • Toyota says the AE86's original 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine needed just a "few modifications" to run on hydrogen
  • The AE86 is a pure EV with a battery pack from a Prius plug-in and an electric motor from a Tundra hybrid's powertrain
  • Most EVs power the wheels directly but Toyota directly connected the motor to the EVs 5-speed manual transmission to keep the feel of a sports car
  • Other Toyota hydrogen projects include a V8 with Yamaha, hydrogen powered semi-trucks and a concept car, Corolla Cross
  • Toyota believes in a mix of options beyond battery EVs to reach zero carbon emissions by 2050 because they don't believe battery EVs can do it alone
  • For Toyota an important part of the driving future will be fueled on hydrogen


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