Cutting Edge EV from Sony Honda Mobility

 Afeela Unveiled at CES 2023


                                  Source:  Sony Honda Mobility

Afeela Emphasizes "Feeling" & Communication

Sony Honda Mobility just unveiled at CES 2023 their new EV brand, Afeela.  Here are some key details on the first Afeela concept car:

  • Prototype is an all-electric, mid-sized sedan
  • It's loaded with interactive technologies and AI for interactive mobility communications for those inside and outside of the car
  • EV detects and understands people through its camera sensors and AI
  • 45 cameras and sensors inside and outside the car
  • Sensors are so sensitive that they can access the driver's physical well-being to ensure safety
  • Media bar built into the front bumper interacts and shares information with passing cars and pedestrians, including the weather
  • EV contains Qualcom technology including Snapdragon digital chassis
  • Sony's best in class entertainment technology is built into the car including Playstation, movies, music and gaming
  • Sony Honda Mobility is focused on online sales of Afeela and wants customers to participate in the product development process.

When Can I Buy One?

The EV can be pre-ordered in 2025 and the first deliveries to customers begin in spring 2026.  For more news stories like this, Latest Innovations For Tomorrow


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