Porsche's Vision 357 Concept

 New Car Concept That's a Tribute to Porsche's 75th Anniversary

                                        Source:  Porsche

Vision 357 Emulates Porsche's 1st Sports Car, the 356 

Luxury sports car maker Porsche has unveiled a sleek new concept, Vision 357, to celebrate the brand's 75th anniversary and it's getting a great deal of automotive interest.  Here are the pertinent facts:

  • Vision 357 is a tribute to Porsche's 1st sports car, the legendary 356 created by Porsche founder Ferdinand Porsche 75 years ago, that now sells at auction for $1 million plus
  • Porsche says Vision 357 is the vehicle that Ferdinand Porsche would have designed for 2023
  • 357 is a standout attempt by Porsche designers and engineers to combine the best of Porsche's past, present and the future into one car model
  • Vision 357's powertrain is a mid-mounted 4.0-liter, naturally aspirated 6-cylinder boxer engine
  • Engine is tuned to run on eco-friendly synthetic fuels that are carbon neutral, which Porsche is developing
  • Engine pumps out a hefty 493 hp
  • 7-speed PDK transmission
  • Very aerodynamic design including hidden door handles, taillights behind the bodyworks, cameras that replace rearview mirrors and a huge empty space behind the wheels
  • Connections to the iconic 356: rounded headlights, sculptured, smooth surface, rounded roof and cooling vents down the back of the vehicle
  • Vision 357 is Porsche's gift to itself on the brand's 75th birthday and will be on display first at VW's DRIVE Forum in Berlin and then at major automotive events internationally
  • No word on if or when Porsche might put this classic, timeless, beautiful car into production.

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