New Air-Land Modular Vehicle System

 JetX & Node Air Partnership

                                        Source:  Node Air

Brand New Way to Travel

Two Florida-based innovation companies, JetX and Node Air, are developing a unique transportation system involving detachable pods that connect to air and ground vehicles.  Here are the pertinent facts:

  • A unique new form of integrated air and ground travel that is autonomous
  • Ground transportation is provided by a passenger pod on an EV chassis that drives to the customer's location to pick them up
  • The EV chassis has its own autonomous driving system, sensors, electric motors, batteries and steering
  • Passenger is driven to a take-off point where an autonomous drone is waiting
  • EV chassis releases the passenger pod and the drone secures the pod from above it
  • Drone, with its own autonomous, aviation system flies the passenger to their destination, where another land chassis takes them to their final destination such as a hotel
  • Travel system is designed for maximum efficiency
  • JetX is working on a new modular aircraft concept for the system that uses their non-tilting thrust vectoring technology
  • System has multiple uses beyond passenger travel, including for package delivery and as a flying ambulance.


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