World's 1st H-Powered Flying Race Car +

 MACA Hydrogen Powered Racecar Unveiling at CES 2023

                                                Source:  MACA

New Auto Innovation from France 

At CES 2023, a thrilling new hydrogen VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) powered racecar from France-based startup MACA is debuting.  It is called S Eleven or S11 and it is the world's first hydrogen powered flying racecar that's made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials.  MACA has partnered with global engineering firm SEGUA Technologies and Red Bull Advanced Technologies, which is a subsidiary of Red Bull Racing, to attain flight for S11 in late 2023.  MACA started development of S11 in 2020 and decided to focus on auto racing.  It makes flight certification much easier because the flying is limited to a racetrack. The company expects developing S11 for the auto racing world will bring the flying-driving car much quicker to market commercialization for racing and possibly beyond. It's being called a carcopter, F1, very smart racer.

Tech Specs

Some key performance and tech assets that the S11 is designed to deliver:

  • Hydrogen powered, 200 kW system with 6 electric engines (35 kW each)
  • 100% sustainable and 0% carbon emissions
  • Cognitive technology
  • Collision avoidance
  • Speeds up to 155 mph
  • Semi-autonomous piloting
  • Low noise propellers
  • Next-G material body that's carbon/linen/wood composite
MACA says this flying race car is safe, sustainable and can fly and drive.  Its' official concept car unveiling is today at CES 2023.  For more news stories like this, Flight Path to the Future


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