Lexus' Hydrogen V8 Engine & Sports Car

 Epic V8 H2 Engine Partnership

                                 Source: Lexus Hydrogen Concepts

Toyota, Lexus and Yamaha Combine Forces

Lexus is developing a V8 hydrogen fueled performance sports car powered by a new V8 hydrogen engine that it's collaborating on with parent company Toyota and Yamaha.  Here are the key facts:

  • Sports car and engine under development are designed to result in an eco-friendly performance car powered by a hydrogen fueled,V8 combustion engine
  • New engine is a 5.0-liter, naturally aspirated, 2UR-GSE, V-8, strengthened combustion engine, that runs on hydrogen fuel
  • Engine targeted to produce at least 450 hp and rev up to 6800 RPM
  • Unique partnership of Lexus, Toyota & Yamaha could result in a sustainable, hydrogen powered V8 engine that is an industry disruptor and provides the vehicle makers a big competitive edge
  • This new engine technology could keep the combustion engine alive by adapting it to the use of hydrogen fuel rather than polluting fossil fuels
  • Status:  sports car concept and engine are under development with progress being made
  • Current development focuses are engine upgrades, including stronger engine internal components to run on hydrogen fuel, which is unstable, flammable and requires higher pressure to burn efficiently - plus a much thicker fuel tank
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Hydrogen:  zero C02 emissions, much quicker refills and significantly longer range; major disadvantage is hydrogen fill-up infrastructure is not in place, particularly in the US
  • Big Picture:  Very important technology partnership to enable hydrogen, which is renewable and plentiful, as a direct, vehicle fuel source for combustion engines, including a new performance sports car.


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