New, Zero Emissions, Micro Mobility Way to Commute

                                Source: AtmosGear

AtmosGear E-Skates Unveiled at CES 2023

French start-up company AtmosGear unveiled a new form of commuting - by electric skates - at CES 2023.  The company says these are the world's first, electric inline skates. AtmosGear specifically developed the e-skates as an alternative to electric bikes and electric skateboards.  They are being marketed as a new form of daily micro mobility commuting.  

Tech Specs & More

Here are some vital details on the e-skates:

  • Range on a charge is 20 miles
  • Top speed is 20 mph
  • A bag secured at the skater's waste holds the battery and cables that connect to the skates
  • The e-skates motors are controlled by the skater with a remote-control device
  • It takes an hour to give the skates a full charge
  • The company says the skates can be re-charged while in use
  • They can be used as regular skates when a recharge is needed or for skating under the person's power
  • Motorized turntable adapts to all roller boots
  • Price is $500.00
  • They can be pre-ordered and are expected to go into mass production.  
Entrepreneurial Plans

AtmosGear has won several innovation, engineering and entrepreneurship awards in France. The company's team of engineers, designers and innovators hold two world patents on the e-skates.  It took them four years to develop this highly innovative product.  They now want to take the company global by starting with significant operations in Europe, the US and Asia.  They hope to become a micro mobility leader and also start a new sport with live inline electric skating competitions that would be streamed for viewers to enjoy.  For more news stories like this, Latest Innovations For Tomorrow

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