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 New, Zero Emissions, Micro Mobility Way to Commute                                        Source: AtmosGear AtmosGear E-Skates Unveiled at CES 2023 French start-up company AtmosGear unveiled a new form of commuting - by electric skates - at CES 2023.  The company says these are the world's first, electric inline skates. AtmosGear specifically developed the e-skates as an alternative to electric bikes and electric skateboards.  They are being marketed as a new form of daily micro mobility commuting.   Tech Specs & More Here are some vital details on the e-skates: Range on a charge is 20 miles Top speed is 20 mph A bag secured at the skater's waste holds the battery and cables that connect to the skates The e-skates motors are controlled by the skater with a remote-control device It takes an hour to give the skates a full charge The company says the skates can be re-charged while in use They can be used as regular skates when a recharge is needed or for skating under the per

Important Innovations Collection: Hover Shoes - Lightest Electric Transport

Personal Mobility that's Electric, Portable and Fun ZUUM Hover Shoes This is a new form of personal mobility that ZUUM Technologies calls the lightest form of electric transportation ever created.  ZUUM Hover Shoes is very interesting technology that self-balances, has anti-skid functionality and can travel up to 8 miles per hour.  For a great news blog on this, go to Important Innovations Collection: Hover Shoes - Lightest Electric Transport : New Form of Personal Mobility Portable, Fun, Electric ZUUM Technologies calls their new ZUUM Hover Shoes the most portable form of pers...