MightyFly's Revolutionary eVTOL

 Autonomous Cargo Delivery System

                                        Source:  MightyFly

Faster, Cheaper, Carbon Neutral

San Francisco Bay Area based MightyFly is on the cusp of revolutionizing logistics with its autonomous eVTOL.  Here are the pertinent facts:

  • Patent-pending, autonomous cargo delivery eVTOL for rapid, cheaper and faster same day, door-to-door logistics
  • Range of 600 miles, top speed of 150 mph and cargo capacity up to 500 pounds
  • Flies 3-times faster than the highway speed of the average delivery van
  • Vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL) that is carbon neutral
  • Just received FAA Certificate of Authorization for long range flight testing
  • Will begin testing its last mile and middle mile logistical services
  • Just unveiled its 2nd generation eVTOL aircraft, MightyFly Cento
  • Cento has a unique hybrid-electric powertrain with an internal combustion engine that recharges Cento's batteries while flying which enables multiple, consecutive deliveries 
  • Cento is powered by 8 electric vertical lift fans, 1 forward propulsion propeller and has a high wing carbon fiber airframe
  • Cento can carry 96 small USPS packages in its cargo bay
  • The packages are loaded and unloaded by an autonomous conveyor belt
  • Cento is a drone that's the size of 2 compact cars
  • It is 13.1'x16.7' and weighs just 355 pounds
  • US Department of Defense is supporting its development for military applications
  • A number of private investors are supporting its development for package and cargo transport that is affordable, faster and more green than current logistics systems.


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