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Next-G Hypersonic Plane - Quarterhorse from USAF & Hermeus

  Goal:  Break the Airspeed Record                                                                         Source:  Hermeus Successor to the Famous SR-71 Blackbird The US Air Force and Atlanta-based aviation company Hermeus are developing a next generation hypersonic aircraft for both military and commercial use, that's designed to break the world airspeed record.  Here are the key facts: With a $60 million USAF contract, Hermeus is developing a Mach 5 plus hypersonic plane for both military and commercial passenger travel applications Hermeus is working on 3 concept hypersonic planes including Quarterhorse Quarterhouse is a remotely piloted high-speed aircraft designed to sprint short distances at Mach 4 & Mach 5 speeds with a turbojet/ramjet propulsion system Quarterhorse is powered by two breakthrough engines:  a turbojet engine that reaches Mach 3 (2,000 mph) and a ramjet engine that takes over and transitions to Mach 5 plus or 3,850 mph Quarterhorse's dual engine, hype

Jetoptera Reinvents Flying- No Blades

  Unique Bladeless Propulsion System                                   Source:  Jetoptera Concept Aircraft Very Fast, Efficient & Quiet Aircraft Seattle-based aerial mobility company Jetoptera is developing a concept VTOL with bladeless propulsion capable of nearly Mach 1 speeds.  Here are the pertinent facts: Jetoptera is a High Speed Vertical Takeoff and Landing Vehicle (HSVTOL) designed for speeds up to 0.8 Mach or 614 mph That speed is faster than a commercial jet and twice as fast as tiltrotor designs Powered by a highly innovative, bladeless propulsion system Proprietary Fluidic Propulsion System enables the aircraft to vertically take off and land and to accelerate to jet aircraft speeds when in forward flight System combines gas or electric turbine engines and fluidic thrust augmentation that distribute thrust across the aircraft through all phases of the flight & requires a flow of compressed air to function Vehicle has no rotors and no propellers Benefits include usin

Dragon: eVTOL Anyone Can Fly

  RotorX DIY Personal Flying Machine                                                  Source:  RotorX Kit-Built, Personal Aviation Vehicle  Arizona-based aviation company RotorX is taking orders for its "Do-It-Yourself", kit-built, personal flying machine.  The eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle)) called Dragon is a manned multicopter.  It is capable of speeds up to 63 mph and has automated landing capability through advanced sensors, joystick controls empowered by backed-up flight computers, as well as hands-free hover in place functionality. Essentially, Dragon is a big, smart drone with a minimalist cabin and seat in the middle of the aircraft. It's classified as an ultra-light aircraft that requires no license to fly.  That is why RotorX says just about anyone can fly it.  Tech Specs The design of Dragon is minimalist with just a small cabin and single seat for the pilot sitting in the middle of the rotors, engines, avionics and vertical takeoff and

Look at a New Flying Mode

  Electric Sea Gliders                                                  Source:  REGENT REGENT & Hawaiin Airlines Partner on New Type of E-Plane A fascinating new form of aviation technology is being developed.  Boston-based REGENT (which stands for Regional Electric Ground Effect Nautical Transport) has developed a new type of electric aircraft that flies just above the surface of the water. Now, Hawaiian airlines is partnering with and investing in REGENT, which was founded by two MIT trained engineers with significant, real world, aviation and aerospace experience.  Hawaiian Airlines expects to deploy the all-electric powered, next generation, sea glider planes for inter-island travel.  This is a brand-new form of zero emissions flying.  In fact, it is a brand-new category in the commercial aviation market as it operates exclusively over water. Island Hopping Itineraries Hawaiian Airlines planes to deploy the highly advanced planes for island hoping, such as between the heavily

Butterfly eVTOL - New EV Travel From CA

  New Vehicle Delivers Advanced Aerial Mobility                                            Source:  Overair Butterfly Overair's Long Anticipated eVTOL with Newest Technologies California-based Overair has unveiled its much anticipated Butterfly, an eVTOL commercial design that incorporates more than 20 years of the latest, military and commercial, electric vertical takeoff and landing technologies.  This vehicle is expected to be the ultimate for vertical lift capabilities.  The company says Butterfly is designed to be the most robust, efficient, safe and quiet aircraft in its eVTOL class.  It's a zero emissions, operator inexpensive, mobility workhorse with extensive utilization. Tech Specs What differentiates Butterfly from other eVTOLs is its breakthrough propulsion system.  It's called the Optimum Speed Propulsion (OSP) system.  Butterfly has four large propellers.  They move and spin very slowly for hover and can even get into a slower speed which offers two major adva