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Chrysler Concept: InsideAutonomous Car -

  CES 2023 Chrysler AI Cockpit Concept                                             Source:  Stellantis Chrysler "Harmony in Motion" Chrysler, a division of Stellantis, unveiled at CES 2023 a cutting-edge, AI enabled car interior concept that functions like an autonomous AI Assistant and is called "Harmony In Motion".   Key Components Here are some key attributes of this spectacular vision of the future of autonomous driving:  The autonomous vehicle combines Stellantis' top new technologies:  STLA AutoDrive, STLA Brain and STLA Smart Cockpit to create "Harmony in Motion". STLA AutoDrive provides autonomous Level 3, which enables the "driver" to multitask, go on conference calls and more STLA Brain is the electrical infrastructure that powers the infotainment system and the rest of the EV surrounding the interior STLA Smart Cockpit is the focal point of new technologies.  The car's dashboard is the Smart focus with "new and innovative

China's Fascinating Robot Car

  ROBO-01: Really Smart Robot Car                                                                                Source:  Baidu A Car that Self-Drives, Talks & Tells You How It Feels China's internet technology giant Baidu has just unveiled its first robot car and it is an amazing piece of automotive technology.  The concept car, called ROBO-01, is an AI powered electric vehicle. It is controlled by voice recognition of the human behind its yoke, retractable wheel. Baidu's smart EV group JIDU invented the vehicle with China's automotive technology powerhouse Geely. The 2 companies say ROBO-01 offers industry leading AI technology, futuristic automotive design aesthetics and a spectacular user experience.  Priced at around $29,914, this new robocar is breakthrough innovation.  It is fully electric, fully autonomous and combines interactive robotic intelligence and emotions with self-driving technology. Baidu intends to start producing a few models late this year and to g

VW's Autonomous, Voice Controlled Car

  The I.D. Vizzion                                                                                     Source:  VW  VW's Vision of the Future of Mobility Volkswagen is developing a new concept car that is fully autonomous and is directed by voice commands and gestures. Called the I.D. Vizzion, the electric vehicle is VW's take on the future of mobility.  A "digital chauffeur" is in "the driver's seat" and in control of the car.  There appears to be no steering wheel or any type of standard driving essentials like brakes.  It's a brand-new type of driving adventure in which you are literally along for the ride. Very Advanced Autonomous Technology The intelligent centerpiece of the autonomous technology is a virtual host.  Passengers communicate with it through voice and gestures to provide information on their driving preferences like speed, the destination and routes.  The virtual host stores the individual's personal preferences and distributes

Hyundai & Apple May Team on E-Cars

  Talks Now Underway on Autonomous, Electric Car                                        Source: Hyundai Concept Car Target for Apple E-Car 2024 Hyundai has confirmed that it is talking with Apple about joining forces to develop an autonomous electric car.  The talks are in the early stages but there are indications that Hyundai would manufacture the Apple designed electric car.  Hyundai may also develop batteries for it.  Today's confirmation shot up Hyundai's share price 20%. Apple's Project Titan Apple's e-car Project Titan has a target date for producing the car by 2024.  Apple has recently added a number of former Tesla executives to the development team.  Apple brings tremendous technological innovation to the table for self-driving electric cars.  The highly advanced technology includes 3D lidar sensors, cameras and an inexpensive, long range breakthrough battery.  Should the Apple-Hyundai partnership be forged, Hyundai will add to the mix global automotive design

Important Innovations Collection: Deliveries by RoboDogs

RoboDogs on Duty with Package Deliveries Source:  ANYmal by ANYbotics ANYmal, the Swiss-German Autonomous, Robotic Delivery System, Wows at CES 2019 The future of food and package delivery has major robotic and autonomous components.  There's a new system that is a collaborative project between German automotive company Continental and Swiss robotics company ANYbotics that wowed CES 2019. Dogs Deliver It is a robodog ANYmal and its autonomous car CUbE that drive to your home and unpacks robodog. ANYmal goes up your stairs, rings the doorbell with its paw and leaves your package, taking off with a little high-5 for itself.  For a great news blog on this emerging robotic innovation go to Important Innovations Collection: Deliveries by RoboDogs : ANYmal Delivery Robot Source:  ANYmal Delivery Robot Robots Delivering It's a 4 legged delivery robot that can walk packages ri...