Hyundai & Apple May Team on E-Cars

 Talks Now Underway on Autonomous, Electric Car

                               Source: Hyundai Concept Car

Target for Apple E-Car 2024

Hyundai has confirmed that it is talking with Apple about joining forces to develop an autonomous electric car.  The talks are in the early stages but there are indications that Hyundai would manufacture the Apple designed electric car.  Hyundai may also develop batteries for it.  Today's confirmation shot up Hyundai's share price 20%.

Apple's Project Titan

Apple's e-car Project Titan has a target date for producing the car by 2024.  Apple has recently added a number of former Tesla executives to the development team.  Apple brings tremendous technological innovation to the table for self-driving electric cars.  The highly advanced technology includes 3D lidar sensors, cameras and an inexpensive, long range breakthrough battery.  Should the Apple-Hyundai partnership be forged, Hyundai will add to the mix global automotive design and manufacturing expertise.  Plus Hyundai brings a portfolio of new electric, hydrogen and autonomous technologies.  It would be a powerful automotive combination that could result in your next e-car being an Apple-Hyundai model.


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