Space Ridesharing from Elon Musk

 SpaceX Transporter 1: Sets Record Space Ride Share Launch

                                            Source:  SpaceX

143 Spacecraft Launched on a Single SpaceX Rocket

If you need a ride share to space, SpaceX is offering it and breaking records doing it.  On January 24, 2021, SpaceX launched 143 spacecraft ridesharing inside of a single Falcon 9 rocket.  The cosmic ride sharing program is called Transporter 1.  SpaceX has set a new world record for new space vehicles deployed in one rocket launch. For SpaceX, the mission is another historic success.  SpaceX was founded by entrepreneur and CEO Elon Musk.

Record Cosmic Vehicles Onboard

The Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida.  The reusable rocket carried 133 commercial and government spacecrafts and 10 SpaceX Starlink satellites to space.  SpaceX calls their space ride sharing system a reliable, affordable ride to space for small satellites.  The launch of 143 spacecraft  broke all records for a joint ride share into space.  It represents low cost space access to space, particularly for smaller companies.

Starlink Plans

SpaceX has launched more than 800 broadband satellites into low-Earth orbit to provide inexpensive, broadband internet.  This is a $10 billion investment in satellite internet service.  The latest group of 10 satellites, that were part of yesterday's historic launch, are cleared by the FCC for polar launch and part of the process to bring broadband coverage to remote Alaska by Starlink.


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