Hot New Consumer Products at CES 2021

 COVID Fighting Air Purifiers

                                        Source:  Luft Duo

Highly Advanced Air Purifiers with UV Light and Microbiotics

The world's biggest Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2021) for the first time will be an all digital forum when it opens in Las Vegas on Monday January 11, 2021.  COVID-19 has forced the show to be held online.  Fueled by the public's need for protection against COVID which spreads in the air, several innovative air purifiers are among the hot new products being introduced.  These products are sustainable, meaning the air filter can be washed.  They are more energy efficient and some are made of sustainable material.  And most importantly, the gadgets are using new, more efficient technology like UV light to eliminate COVID pathogens.

Luftqi's Luft Duo

An example is the Luft Duo air purifier that is battery powered and highly portable.  You can use it anyplace such as in your car, office and even on a table at a coffee shop to clean the air around you.  It uses ultraviolet LEDs and photocatalytic technology to kill pathogens, allergens and irritants in the air.  It also has a sustainable, washable filter.


Another example being unveiled at CES is the Clear AirZone Purifier or CAZ that uses natural biotics and enzymes from nature to purify the air.  It doesn't use traditional filters.  The company says its proprietary mix of water, microbiotics and natural enzymes eliminate pollutants including COVID-19.  The company says CAZ creates a sustainable, green environment in the home.  Expect a lot more innovation, including TVs, 5G phones and more, from CES next week.


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