Samsung's Much Anticipated Smart Phones

 Galaxy S21

                                        Source:  Samsung Galaxy

5G Phone Less Expensive Than Predecessor

Samsung has launched three Galaxy S21 series phones.  The 5G lineup includes the $800 Galaxy S21, $1,000 Galaxy S21 Plus and the $1,200 Galaxy S21 Ultra.  The next generation Samsung S21 series was one of the most anticipated product launches at CES 2021 and it didn't disappoint.  The biggest advantage is the price reduction. It's priced at $200 below its 2020 predecessor phone Galaxy S20.

Samsung Telephonic Technology

The South Korean phone maker has added upgrades to the phone's processor and the software it runs on.  It's on Android 11 with a Snapdragon 888 processor, that promises enhanced overall performance.  The smart phone has upgraded 5G connectivity and the fingerprint sensor.  The screen size of the base S21 is 6.2 inches and the Plus is 6.7 inches. The refresh rate is 120 Hz and the battery  is 4,000 mAh on the base model and 4,800 mAh on the Plus. 

Ultra & Stylus

The high end S21 Ultra is designed to be the ultimate smart phone.  It has a massive screen of 6.8 inches with a 3200x1440 OLED display. It's powered by a 5,000 mAh battery.  And the cameras are said to be spectacular.  The cameras contain a 108 megapixel sensor and 100 x zoom mode.  It offers AI based photo enhancements. And, the Ultra can support a stylus called the S-Pen, which can be bought separately for $40.   Experts say the S-Pen blurs the lines between the S21 series and the more pro Note series. Given the pricing and technology, Samsung 5G S21 series of three phones are expected to be very competitive in the global smart phone, 5G market.


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