Inexpensive E-motorbike for Commuting

SONDORS Metacycle

                                                        Source:  SONDORS Metacycle

City & Highway Riding

SONDORS Metacycle is a new form of personal mobility and it brakes the mold of traditional motorcycles.  The bike is an all electric motorbike that can hit speeds up to 80 mph.  The vehicle is designed for urban commuting and is roadworthy for highways.  For a motorcycle it is relatively inexpensive.  It's priced at $5,000.  By contrast, Harley Davidson's electric Live Wire is priced at $29,799.  Both are categorized as electric commuting bikes.  The Metacycle is considered gamechanging travel technology. SONDORS is headquartered in Malibu, CA  It claims to have sold 100,000 e-bikes since 2015 and says it is now the largest e-bike distributor in the US.

Tech Specs

The Metacycle has a rear mounted, hub electric motor that provides 8 Kw nominal and 14.5 K peak.  The removeable 4,000 Wh battery has a range of 80 miles.  It can be charged at home or at public charging stations.  The motorcycle weighs 200 pounds and has a distinctive aluminum frame.  It's designed for a mix of city driving and short highway jaunts delivered in a less expensive and more efficient manner.  It's a street legal and highway capable new form of travel.  The Metacycle was designed for commuters not for motorcycle racing enthusiasts.  And, it can be pre-ordered for delivery in October 2021.


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