New Immersive Gaming Chair & Display

 60 Inch Rollable OLED Display

                                    Source:  Razer

Razer's Project Brooklyn

One of the most innovative items unveiled at the CES 2021 virtual show is Razer's fully immersive video gaming chair.  For gaming sessions, it envelops the gamer in a 60 inch flexible display screen that rolls out and can be retracted.  Razer calls it Project Brooklyn.  

Multipurpose Chair

The chair can serve as a deskside chair for PC gaming.  But it can also be transformed into an immersive gaming experience with a halo ring extended above the top of the chair for the gamer.  The ring serves as a mount for up to a 60 inch full surround OLED display.  The display extends up, out and around the chair's backbone.  The results are very similar to an AR and VR experience.  The chair's 4D armrests have built in panels for keyboard, mouse and other controls.  And the seat contains Hypersense which is Razer's audio-driven haptic feedback technology. That enables the gamer to feel the video game experience such as jumping into the water or landing on a platform in sync with the video game.

Being In the Middle of the Action

The company says Project Brooklyn delivers stunning visuals.  It literally places the gamer in the middle of the action.  Razer's gaming chair is a concept under development and pricing is not available as of yet.  It is considered to be one of the coolest new inventions unveiled at CES 2021.


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