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New EV With Touches of Gaming

  Cupra's Gaming Motif - Gamification of the Car                                        Source:  Cupra Car Designed as a Lifestyle Interest Volkwagen-owned, sports, race car and EV maker Cupra has created a concept car that is a brilliant idea.  The car is designed to appeal to young,14-year-old gamers and bring them back to buy when they legally can in the future.  The vehicle, called Urban Rebel, has a controller-styled steering wheel and a big digital dashboard, all fashioned-on gaming electronics.  Some automotive experts are calling the Urban Rebel the gamification of cars. The company calls it a look at the future through the eyes and interest of future buyers. Cupra says that 80% of 14 year olds are gamers. The EV is a marketing strategy that plays right into the megatrend of vehicles reflecting the owner's lifestyle.  Today's teen gamers should feel very comfortable with the key driving apparatus in the small, all-electric EV.  Urban Rebel will be on the market and

Innovations For Gen Z & Beyond by Edward Kane

  New On Amazon & Kindle: "Innovations For Gen Z & Beyond"                                                                 Source:  Amazon  ASIN: B08W4V5DS1 In Paperback & E-Book Journalist Edward Kane's latest book "Innovations For Gen Z & Beyond:  Sports, Electronics, Robots, Education & More" has just been published on Amazon and Kindle. The book showcases top new innovations of particular interest to Gen Z - young adults, teens and kids. If you are fascinated by and want to be in the know about the latest, big innovations, this book is for you, whether you're a member of Gen Z or not. For direct access to "Innovations For Gen Z", go to    I co-authored the book with Ed.

New Immersive Gaming Chair & Display

  60 Inch Rollable OLED Display                                             Source:  Razer Razer's Project Brooklyn One of the most innovative items unveiled at the CES 2021 virtual show is Razer's fully immersive video gaming chair.  For gaming sessions, it envelops the gamer in a 60 inch flexible display screen that rolls out and can be retracted.  Razer calls it Project Brooklyn.   Multipurpose Chair The chair can serve as a deskside chair for PC gaming.  But it can also be transformed into an immersive gaming experience with a halo ring extended above the top of the chair for the gamer.  The ring serves as a mount for up to a 60 inch full surround OLED display.  The display extends up, out and around the chair's backbone.  The results are very similar to an AR and VR experience.  The chair's 4D armrests have built in panels for keyboard, mouse and other controls.  And the seat contains Hypersense which is Razer's audio-driven haptic feedback technology. That ena

AR & VR Spending Takes Off

IDC Forecasts AR/VR Spending Source:  Stock Augmented vs Virtual Reality Big Escalation through 2022 Global spending on AR/VR will soar at a 5 year CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 72% over 2017-2022.  By the end of 2018 it will hit $27 billion, up 92% year over year.  What's happening to fuel the growth is escalating use across industries, including a number of new industries.  This is the latest tracking by the International Data Corporation, IDC. Industry Use Rising, Along with China's IDC is tracking a number of global industries increasingly using AR/VR. The number of industries is on the rise and is now up to 39 including consumer, education, media and government.  Another big growing user is China. Industry Rankings Consumer industries are the biggest user through 2022, reaching $53 billion by 2022.  This is followed by retail, manufacturing and transportation.  Gaming is the biggest user in 2018.  But by 2022 the biggest percentage increase users in