Audi Going Fully Electric in 10-15 years

  Audi Phasing Out Combustion Engines

Source:  Audi Electric/Autonomous Car Prototype

                                    Source:  Audi e-tron EV

Greening of Global Automotive Industry

VW's luxury brand Audi CEO Markus Duesmann believes that protesting the environment and economic success go hand in hand.  He just disclosed his intent to phase out combustion engine cars in the Audi new vehicle lineup.  The lineup will go all electric vehicles.  That is a seismic change for any global automaker.  Audi's timeframe to accomplish this is within the next 10 to 15 years.

Green Is An Environmental & Economic Good

By 2031 or 2035, Audi will offer only new electric vehicles.  It is now working on a concrete time frame with target dates.  The plan, that will be finished within a few months, will detail vehicle numbers and dates for each factory.  The plan will serve as a guidepost as the plants transition production from combustion engine to electric vehicles.  This important announcement from Audi comes at a time when many nations, like Japan, and states, like California, plan to ban the sale of gas powered cars by 2035.  The purpose is to start greatly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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