Air Sensors Tracking Virus in Office & Home

 Airthings Wave Sensor

                                            Source:  Airthings

Virus Alerts

At the CES 2021 virtual show in Las Vegas this week, a number of innovative products are rolling out to fight COVID-19, which spreads through the air.  For example, Airthings Wave sensors were just unveiled.  The sensor tracks atmospheric conditions necessary for the virus to transmit.  The Wave Plus for workplaces tracks CO2 levels, humidity and temperatures.  It alerts the office manager to make adjustments to the room to prevent transmission of viral pathogens like COVID.

Wave Mini

The Wave Mini is for use in the home.  It focuses on risk factors for mold and is expected to be adapted for tracking viral transmission.  These gadgets are very creative ways to monitor the air that we are breathing.  In the future, they are likely to be incorporated into air purifiers to both monitor and clean the air of pathogens like COVID.


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