Sustainable, Recyclable Toy: Insect Kids

 Winner of Audi Innovation Award

                             Source:  Audi Innovation Award

Innovation From Jordan

Insect Kids is a biodegradable, recyclable ad reusable toy designed to benefit kids, their parents and the planet.  The toy is the creation of a brother and sister team Ahmad and Rasha Jarrar of Jordan.  They have received the prestigious Audi Innovation Award for their invention.  The focus of the Audi competition was "circular models", meaning that the materials and resources used for the design would be reusable over the long term, yielding their maximum value.

A Toy That Eliminates Clutter and Plastic Waste

The Insect Kids toy can be constantly reused and disassembled when not in use to avoid household clutter.  The toy is sustainable and recyclable.  The inventors used flatpack technology and biodegradable materials that help maintain a minimalist clutter free home.  It also benefits the planet by, according to the Jarrars, "removing the toxic cycle of plastic toys ending up in the landfill".

Designed for Kids, Parents and the Planet

According to research, kids get bored with a new toy on average in about 36 days.  Insect Kids can be easily disassembled and put away until the child has interest in playing with it again.  For young parents and children who care about sustainable living, this is a sustainable toy that could be a toy industry disrupter.  The Audi Innovation Award includes a grant for the Jarrars to get their award winning toy to market.


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