New Robot That Disinfects COVID

 UBtech's Adibot

Source:  UBtech

Robot Can Be Rented For $15/day

UBtech, the Chinese robotic company, has invented a robot that can rid a space - like a room, office or school - of COVID-19.  It's a large, cylindrical robot called Adibot that disinfects rooms with UVC light.  The company says it provides hospital grade sanitizing in less than a minute and a half.  Adibot comes in a stationary form that can be wheeled into a room.  And there is an autonomous model that pilots itself using lidar.  It neutralizes pathogens and in particular COVID-19 with UVC light.  The light dosage can be adjusted for different diseases.  What is very remarkable is that the robot can be rented for $15/day.

Robot on COVID Duty

UBtech claims Adibot can give a 1000 sq. foot space a complete cleansing of COVID and other pathogens in a minute to a minute and a half.  The robot issues vocal warnings to people to stay out of the room while it is cleaning.  UVC light can be harmful to humans.  The robot also has a front mounted camera and motion sensors to detect if anyone is in the room while it is cleaning and will automatically turn off.  

New Robotic Tech

Adibot has an app with guidance on how long it needs to zap a room with UVC.  The autonomous model can map a building and move on its own.  The stationary version launches in January for $20,000.  The autonomous, moving version launches in May for $40,000.  But for schools and businesses that can't afford the purchase price, it can be rented for $15/day.  The new service robot was just unveiled at CES 2021


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