Climate Change Is Getting Worse - New Study

 European Union's Latest Findings on Climate Change

Source:  Climate Change Stock Images

Temperatures & Severe Weather Rising 

The European Union's Copernicus Earth observation service says that global temperatures in 2019 were the highest on record and tied  2016 for that dubious distinction.  Also, 2010 - 2019 was the hottest decade ever. And, the pattern continues to escalate.  Europe, the Arctic and southern Siberia experienced their hottest year ever in 2020.  All experienced extreme heatwaves and fires.  In the US, the rising temperatures in 2020 caused 22 distinct disasters, including wildfires and hurricanes, resulting in $95 billion in damage.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The scientists at Copernicus are calling for immediate action on greenhouse gas emissions to reduce the amount going into the atmosphere.  The UN sponsored global summit on Climate Change won't happen until November in Glasgow. So the Paris Accords stand in play, which the US has withdrawn from.

Paris Accords

The Paris Accords want rising temperatures capped at 1.5 Celsius above pre-industrial levels. To bottom-line this:  in 2020 global temperatures were 1.25 degrees Celsius/2.7 degrees Fahrenheit more than in pre-industrial times.  In parts of the Arctic temperatures averaged more than 6 degrees Celsius above a 30 year baseline average.  Even though COVID-19 lockdowns cut CO2 emissions, the concentration of the gas in the atmosphere continued to rise.


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