Norway Leads the World on EVs

 54% of 2020 Cars Sold in Norway Are Electric

                                  Source:  Norway Electric Cars

VW - not Tesla - Is the Leader

Electric battery vehicles were the #1 car category sold in Norway in 2020 .  EVs hit a record 54% of Norwegian vehicle sales.  Norway is leading the world in its efforts to make gas powered vehicles obsolete.  And in Norway, Volkswagen has scored a big win.  For 2020, it beat out Tesla as the #1 electric vehicle brand. VW's luxury brand Audi and its e-tron electric vehicles were the #1 EV seller.

Norway's Zero Emissions Goals

By 2025, Norway wants every new car and van sold to be emissions free.  Norwegian officials says the record EV sales in 2020 put the nation ahead of schedule for its zero emissions goals.  The EV sales numbers are historic and very impressive.  EV market share went from 42% in 2019 to 54% in 2020.  If you add hybrid vehicles to the fully electric car mix, the market share soars to 83%.  

Norway' Electric Strategy

How is Norway achieving this?  It is using big tax incentive to push zero emissions EVs, making, in some cases, the electric vehicle cheaper to buy than a gas fueled one.  The market share for gas and diesel fuel cars in Norway has fallen to 17%.  Other nations are following Norway's lead.  For instance, the UK wants to ban the sale of new fossil fuel vehicles by 2030.  


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