New Earbuds with Ambient Sound Safety

Bose Sports Open Wireless Earbuds

                                        Source:  Bose

Connected But Keep You Aware of Your Surroundings 

Bose has invented a new earbud product that's cited by Newsweek as one of the hottest new gadgets of 2021 and of CES 2021.  It's the Bose Sports Open Earbuds.  They wirelessly keep the wearer connected to their choice of music, telephone calls, podcasts or audiobooks while on the go.  But the new earbud's key advantage is that they do not block out the world around the user.  Designed for runners, bikers and people moving in busy environments, they allow the ambient noise of traffic and pedestrians around the user to be heard alongside of the music or calls being transmitted through the earbuds.

New Headphone Technology

Bose is a global leader in sound equipment.  These headphones are very different. They direct the ambient sound of the user's environment directly into the ear.  They do not rely on bone conduction as many new headsets do.  The earbuds multitask and provide the user the essential safety feature of being aware of their surroundings while remaining connected.  They are priced at $199.95


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