World's Smartest Face Mask for COVID Protection

 Operation Hazel

                                                                      Source:  Razer

Top COVID Weapon

Gaming equipment maker Razer has developed a highly advanced, reusable face mask that they say is a medical grade respirator.  The mask ventilates and purifies the air to guard against COVID-19.  It has a built in microphone and amplifier to prevent muffling of the wearer's voice.  Razer calls development of the mask Operation Hazel.  

Highly Advanced COVID Fighting Gadget

Razer says the mask uses a N95 medical grade respirator, detachable and rechargeable ventilators.  The ventilators are sanitized by putting them into their wireless recharging box which contains disinfecting UV light.  The mask is made of recycled material and has lights that automatically turn on in the dark.  There's a choice of 16.8 million colors to select from for the mask.

CES 2021

Razer is headquartered in Singapore and Las Vegas.  Early in the COVID pandemic, it converted its manufacturing facilities in China to make face masks.  No release date has been set as of yet on the Operation Hazel face masks.  The company says they are in the final stages of being fine-tuned.  The mask was one of the top new devices unveiled at CES 2021.


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