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British Car Company Morgan's New Classic

  Super 3 is Thrilling New & Old Auto Tech                                         Super:  Morgan Motor Company Want to Speed Up to 130 mph in a Morgan Hand-Made Car? The Morgan Super 3 is a classy, new 2023 car that drives on three wheels.  It has a very retro look dating back to Morgan's founding in 1910. But it is embedded with advanced new technologies.  It's the latest classic iteration on an automotive theme by the UK's sterling car brand, Morgan Motor Cars. There are touches of the Morgan car brand of the past but also flashy digital gauges, new engineering and plans for electric powering of the vehicle for a green, automotive future.  The Morgan Super 3 is getting a lot of attention for the thrill of its ride. Technology and Design Aesthetics For starters, this is an eye-catching car that is designed to drive, thrill and impress.  It can hit speeds up to 130 mph and accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in less than 7 seconds on three wheels.  The engine pumps out 118 hp