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NASA's 1st Electric Plane to Fly

  X-57 Is Ready to Fly                                                  Source:  NASA NASA's Chases Zero Emissions Aviation NASA is placing a big bet on the future of flying that will be electric. Specifically, planes powered by battery powered electric engines that emit zero carbon emissions and provide greener and much quieter flights.  NASA's first electric plane, the X-57 Maxwell, is very close to flying.  NASA says it will begin test flights very soon. The vehicle has an electric propulsion system that makes flying cleaner, quieter and more sustainable.  The X-57 is a key component of NASA's X-planes series, which also includes a super-quiet, supersonic electric passenger jet, the X-59 QueSST, which is next in line for test flights after X-57 Maxwell. These two planes are targeted for commercial passenger service.  Tech Specs The X-57 is an Italian Tecnam P2006T that was converted to an electric plane by replacing its petroleum-based fuel Rotax engines with electric mo