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Apple's Big Stake in Automotive Software Tech - CarPlay

  Apple's Dominating CarPlay Software                                                  Source:  Apple Your Car is Software on Wheels One of the biggest emerging megatrends in the automotive industry is Apple's ubiquitous interface CarPlay that is in 98% of all new cars sold in the US.  In fact, the software interface is a must have for 79% of US consumers buying a new car. They won't buy a car without it.  CarPlay is an industry dominating, multi-billion-dollar piece of business for Apple that is likely to get even bigger with the next generation of CarPlay that Apple recently released.  Some tech analysts believe that CarPlay as a business line is likely to be far bigger than the much-anticipated Apple car.  It's also giving Apple tremendous leverage in negotiating with the automotive industry for new business. Incredible Technological Integration The new CarPlay has incredible integration capabilities.  The interface essentially takes over all of the vehicle's int