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Peugeot's New Concept Inception to Debut

  First Images of Inception Concept Logo & Grill                              Source: Inception & Peugeot Other Concepts What to Expect of a Possibly Exceptional Concept Car Stellantis-owned, legendary French automaker Peugeot is famous for facile, functional vehicles and magnificent concept cars like Instinct, Exalt and Legend in the past few years.  Now, Peugeot is ready to present its next new concept car, Inception, that will debut at the CES 2023 in January.  Peugeot CEO Linda Jackson says it will showcase the "next-generation of e-native cars".  That means it will demonstrate the future of cars built from their inception as an electric vehicle.  Automotive experts expect the EV to be a stunner. Some Noteworthy Points The fact that the debut of Inception will take place at the world's top technology and electronics show portends that the new vehicle will be loaded with cutting edge technologies.  It also suggests that Peugeot may be thinking about returning t