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Robo Taxi Co. Waymo Ramps Up

  Reopens to the Public in Phoenix After COVID                                                       Source:  Waymo Robo Taxis Hitting the Road Waymo's autonomous, robo taxi ride hailing service is open to the public in Phoenix.  The company has put years of autonomous driving research on the line to operate Waymo as a revenue producing business.  Waymo has a serious tech pedigree.  It is a business unit of Google's parent company Alphabet. Driving Plans With No Human Attendants Today, Waymo driverless minivans with no human attendants on board resumed operations for members of Waymo One service in Phoenix. In the spring, operations were suspended because of the COVID pandemic.  Now, within a few weeks, there will be open access for anyone who downloads the smartphone app and wants to hail a Waymo ride within a 50 square mile radius of Phoenix.  Next step will be to offer the service within a 100 square mile area of Phoenix.  The company has hopes of expanding operations beyond

A Robot's Behind the Wheel With My Groceries

World's 1st Driverless Grocery Deliveries Start in Phoenix This Fall Nuro Kroger, the nation's largest supermarket chain, and California-based driverless car company Nuro have teamed-up for what they call "the world's first, driverless grocery delivery service".  They're offering to Phoenix residents inexpensive, same day delivery thru Kroger's ClickList ordering system and Nuro's app. It rolls out this fall. Nuro's Vehicles "Teleporting" The vehicles are all electric, with no seats and no humans onboard.  Nuro co-founder Dave Ferguson says "we can deliver anything, anytime, anywhere.  We like to call it a local teleportation service." As you can see in the photo, the vehicles looks a bit like a toaster on wheels.  It weighs 1500 pounds, most of which is the battery that powers the electric motor.  It's about the length of an SUV but it's only 3.5 feet wide. Nuro's No-Passenger Mantra Nuro's strategy