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Inexpensive E-Car Concept You Assemble

  Hoga - a Mini Electric Car for $6,500                                            Source:  Do It Yourself Hoga New Travel Concept, Fresh Design Hoga is an intriguing new, electric car design that buyers assemble for themselves. It is the innovative idea of Los Angeles transportation designer Ryan Schlotthauer, inspired by an imagined, hypothetical collaboration between Renault and Ikea.  The designer says it combines Ikea's design philosophy and Renault's mobility program. Hoga is a modular, ultra mini, all-electric sustainable car that is priced at $6,500.  It's designed to be assembled like a piece of furniture from Ikea. It aims to be "clever, low cost and sustainable" with no compromises on passenger safety, easy usage and spacious, usable interior spaces. Ultimate Kit Car Hoga is the ultimate kit car.  It would ship in a box like a piece of Ikea furniture for assembly.   The vehicle is ultra compact - just 2.23 meters in length.  It can be a two seater or is