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United Airlines Going Supersonic

  United Buying At Least 15 SSTs from Boom Supersonic                                                     Source:  Boom Green, Net-Zero Carbon Emissions Flying United Airlines just announced that it will purchase at least 15 supersonic jets from Denver-based Boom Supersonic.  This deal heralds the return of ultra-fast, supersonic flights, which ended in 2003 when British Airways shuttered its Concorde transatlantic flights.  Boom says its Overture SST will be capable of flying from New York City to London in 3&1/2 hours, cutting the flight time in half.  The deal is contingent on Boom clearing United's rigorous safety, operating and sustainability requirements. Boom and Green Flights United has an option to buy 35 additional aircraft from Boom.  The SST will be rolled out in 2025, go through rigorous testing and then supersonic passenger service is scheduled to start in 2029.  The SST is designed to run entirely on 100% sustainable aviation fuel and will produce net-zero carbon