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Japan Leading the Way on Flying Cars

  Flying Car Testing in the Public Domain by 2022                                        Source:  SkyDrive Flying Cars on the Roads & in the Sky by 2023 The government of Japan is a big believer in the importance of flying cars in the Japanese transportation mix.  In fact, it wants flying cars operational on the roads and in the sky by 2023.  To facilitate that goal, it is allowing public domain testing in 2022.  Clearly, Japan is a global leader in the effort to deploy flying cars. Japanese Collaborative Effort What differentiates Japan is strong collaboration between the government and private companies to bring flying cars into widespread use.  The government wants to deploy flying cars and passenger drones as short distance transportation solutions in cities, rural areas and in disaster relief zones. SkyDrive An outstanding flying car vehicle in the R&D pipeline is being developed by Tokyo-based startup SkyDrive.  The company has successfully completed the first manned flig