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AI Bird Feeder to Track Visiting Birds

Using Artificial Intelligence to Track Your Feathered Friends                                                  Source: Bird Buddy Bird Buddy If you love to watch and feed birds, this new technology will enthrall you as it takes you into a new space of flight.  It's a smart bird feeder called Bird Buddy that through artificial intelligence and, a lot more technology, acquaints you with the species of birds coming into your feeder for a treat.  It recognizes more than 1,000 bird species including your favorite locals like Robins, Blue Jays and Chickadee's.  But, you also learn about migrating birds from faraway places who are making a stop at your smart feeder as they travel across oceans and visit your backyard.  It lets you know if your backyard is an international destination place.  You can even add a solar roof to provide the feeder system with solar power. High Tech, Cameras, AI Info & Images Delivered to Your Phone Bird Buddy is a US tech company based in Wilmington, D

Revolutionary Flying Car Tech iFLY

  Fully Autonomous, eVTOL Personal Air Mobility                                             Source: NeXT iFLY US Advanced eVTOL Startup NeXT US air mobility startup NeXT has created a highly advanced, one person e-VTOL that vertically takes off and lands like a helicopter.  No airport runway or infrastructure is needed.  The vehicle is called iFLY.  The company says it is planet friendly as it is fully electric with zero emissions.  It is also fully autonomous with no pilot needed.  It is designed to be a very affordable means of personal air mobility. Unique Flying Technology The vehicle operates with a mobile app that works on both android and iOS.  The rider needs to select a destination landing spot provided on a touchscreen, which in turn provides iFLY instructions to reach the desired destination.  The EV operates with 8 propellers in protective safety enclosures powered by 8 battery electric motors. More Unique Technology According to the company, iFLY has a unique combination o