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Volocopter's 3 eVTOLs in Test Flights

  Germany's Prolific Flying Taxi Company                                   Source:  Volocopter eVTOLs Aerial Technology Platforms Being Tested You might call it a technological trifecta.  Germany-based flying taxi startup Volocopter has developed three, distinctively different eVTOLs (electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles) that are engaged in flight testing.  This is a unique, technological achievement in the global eVTOL market. Volocopter's latest eVTOL, the 4-passenger VoloConnect, just successfully completed its first flight. VoloConnect Tech Specs VoloConnect is a fixed wing, electric, vertical takeoff and landing aircraft.  It is powered by two propulsion fans and 6, lift electric motors and rotors.  It can carry four passengers and a pilot.  VoloConnect is designed for speeds up to 155 mph. Its mission is to air taxi passengers between cities and suburbs. It has a range on a charge of 60 miles. Three Very Distinctive Aircraft Volocopter's two other eVTOLS ar