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This Could Be World's Most Advanced Car

  Asahi Kasei's Automotive Initiatives                                                            Source: Asahi Kasei AKXY Concept Car Asahi Kasei, which is a diversified Japanese multinational company, has a new automotive series AKXY.  It represents an untraditional approach to building concept cars that incorporate environmental performance, automotive safety and comfort.  Their AKXY is a moving showcase of highly advanced technologies. The vehicle is autonomous, electrified and a leading-edge example of advanced personal mobility.   And for starters, the company uses engineering resin as a substitute for metal to build the vehicle and lower its weight.  The leather in the car's seats is artificial.  The vehicle's internal communications systems employ a myriad of voice processing technologies.  To put it simply, this may be one of the most technologically advanced vehicles being developed.  As such, it is fascinating and well worth learning about. More Technologies With